Who's Behind Malarkey?

Director and Writer, Lindsay Allen

Lindsay Allen is an aspiring director and filmmaker from Temple  University. She has worked many sets to gain experience in all aspects of production, but really enjoys producing and directing. As a  female filmmaker, she has made it her mission to open doors and create opportunities for other marginalized communities in the film industry. She is specifically interested in creating opportunities on  screen for individuals living with disabilities in relatable and positive portrayals.

Producer, Jillian Hartman

Jillian is an emerging filmmaker from Philadelphia. She has been on a  number of professional sets including: AV events, live streaming, and studio productions. Jillian’s work has been screened at Temple’s Women’s  Film Festival and she is very passionate about creating representation for Females within the industry. Jillian is drawn to telling the stories of real  people, specifically from underrepresented groups.

Producer, Jonathan Shavelson

Jonathan Shavelson is an emerging producer with over a decade of work in  the post-production world. It is his belief in the collaborative process, fostered by mutual respect and creative effort, that has allowed his diverse  crews to create beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking content. As a filmmaker specializing in visually driven narrative works, his award winning films have had the privilege to reach audiences worldwide.

Director of Photography, Ryan Kuna

Ryan is a Philadelphia based cinematographer and lighting technician. He  is set to graduate from Temple University in May of 2019 with a BA in Film  & Media Arts with a concentration in cinematography. Recent works include the short films Abort Mission and The Winter Wind. Additionally,  Ryan is in the final stages of principal photography for his senior thesis film, Luminary.

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